There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a weekend… let alone a weeknight for a home cooked meal. Since moving to Seattle two years ago I have found some wonderful businesses where you can either assemble entrees and side dishes yourself… or have them do the work for you!

For 2 hours and ~ $200 your freezer will be stocked and your weeknights will be tasty.

For 2 hours and ~ $200 your freezer will be stocked and your weeknights will be tasty.

For about $200 a session (less seafood or less steak less $$$) and 2 hours of your time it’s a great way to have ~36 portions ready and waiting… just pop a bag in the fridge in the morning and in less than a half hour at night dinner is ready.

 Menus change every month and some companies now offer organic sessions… a couple are even organic all the time! 

Here is a list of some of the places that we rotate through on a regular basis in no particluar order:

Month of Meals Inc (

Redmond, WA only, ship throughout the state

The open house is a great way to get to know the style of cooking and side dish offerings. Walk-ins welcome Tuesday through Saturday. Very high quality, very well prepared, but more mushrooms and salt than we prefer. How they describe themselves:

Our meals are prepared and packaged by our professional culinary team with more than 35 years of combined experience. This allows us to provide you with restaurant quality meals that require very little effort at home. MOM meals are not just “assembled” for you to cook later. Making our sauces from scratch, marinating, brining, sautéing and grilling in our kitchen adds flavor to your food and allows you to have a great meal ready in minutes.

Dinners Ready (

Many twists on family favorites and a wide variety of nationalities. Build your own calzone and enchilada stations give everyone a change to get something they love. Ingredients for meatloaves & meatballs are thawed and able to be mixed during the session. Proteins are mixed with marinades providing maximum ‘soak’ time. Walk in service available at some locations on a limited basis. Some breakfast dishes and soups, but not every month. Very few side dishes, no brown rice or wheat pasta options.

Designed Dinners (

Proteins are frozen in vacuum sealed packaging. Ingredients for meatloaves and meatballs frozen. If you want your meat to marinade while you work… further assembly required! Desserts and side dishes are available every month.

Dream Dinners (

Stations are well spaced, organized and ready for action!

Stations are well spaced, organized and ready for action!

3 OR 6 Serving meals. Some pre-made (chicken cordon bleu, bacon wrapped turkey) and some you can assemble. Some locations let us make our manicotti, others have them pre-frozen. Ingredients for meatloaves and meatballs frozen. Very interesting variety of flavors. Always several different seafood options and great breakfast options. Most of the proteins are frozen, so more assembly is required.

Dinners Done Right (

Choose from 2-3 serving or 4-6 serving meals. Stop by for grab and go or order 3, 6, or 12 meals. Only 12 entrees to choose from each month. We have never remembered this company in time to try a 3 meal option. My crew is too picky to agree on 6 entrees from the list. Would love to hear from people who have been to a session!

(Photos are the work of Andrew Ruess and are used under Creative Commons License)