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Life is indeed a fragile gift. Over this weekend a friend of online friends that I made through MLPF learned that his baby girl (22 months) has Leukemia.

Dad’s Blog with a link to the beginning of the story (24 May 2008):


Jesse Stay broadcast the news out to his Twitter and FriendFeed network and started to bring people together on his blog:

Jesse took the initiative to start a ChipIn! Widget to get the family some spending money over the weekend as banks in the US were closed for the holidays. The goal he set in the tool was $500… that was reched in 2 days…

Jesse has used the true spirit of networking to not only spread the message using text and pictures, but provide an outlet for support and well wishes in a way that the family can receive that support as they need it… not only monetarily, but through comments and tweets:

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I am a firm believer in living my digital passion 24 / 7. Sometimes that goes a bit awry… Does that mean that I might need to read e-mail from the hubby’s desktop every once in awhile because something ‘might’ be amiss with my beta-ridden personal laptop? Maybe. On happy beta testing days it means that the vocabulary of the IT world bleads into my personal life… including how I measure the ‘value’ of how I spend my time.

One of the ways that I ‘measure’ how I am doing is my personal scorecard. It does not hang on the wall… it is not something that we discuss every month… but these metrics are part of my weekly chore list… and there is a checkpoint on the seasonal preparation list… we think of it as rotating our tires how our home ‘feels’.

Here are some of the metrics that I follow and a couple of sites to get you thinking about creating one of your own.

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Personal Delivery

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