I am a firm believer in living my digital passion 24 / 7. Sometimes that goes a bit awry… Does that mean that I might need to read e-mail from the hubby’s desktop every once in awhile because something ‘might’ be amiss with my beta-ridden personal laptop? Maybe. On happy beta testing days it means that the vocabulary of the IT world bleads into my personal life… including how I measure the ‘value’ of how I spend my time.

One of the ways that I ‘measure’ how I am doing is my personal scorecard. It does not hang on the wall… it is not something that we discuss every month… but these metrics are part of my weekly chore list… and there is a checkpoint on the seasonal preparation list… we think of it as rotating our tires how our home ‘feels’.

Here are some of the metrics that I follow and a couple of sites to get you thinking about creating one of your own.

1. Chore Metric

We have a good give and take worked out between three trade-off pairs: dishes / cooking, laundry / trash, weeds / lawn. The metric that we track are the crossovers… who performs an in-family act of kindness and extends into the other side of a chore pair? Striving for two per month, but having an open discussion about a new balance shift during the monthly review.

We have a set of chore cards (www.flylady.net) in the pantry just as you come in from the garage. When a chore is completed from the room of the week it is returned to the box. How many are left at the end of the week?

2. Dinner Metric

We have both a monetary and frequency goal for eating out. It is way too easy to spend way too much money and ‘private time’ in public places eating mediocre food. This metric is reviewed in combination with Social and Calendar metrics and adjusted seasonally.

3. Social Metric

When moving cross country we decided to make an effort to get out and meet people. It is too easy to spend too much time nesting and not enough time connecting. The current goal is one social occasion per month, but is adjusted seasonally. Now that the weather is warming we’ll strive for weekly until the chill comes in the late fall.

4. Calendar Metric

We have a master calendar that tracks all of the social occasions, sporting events, mystery shops and dinners out. The metric here revolves more around JIT (just in time) planning. If we haven’t eaten out this month is there a mystery shop that I can pick up by the weekend so that we don’t have to pay full price? Is the freezer stocked with BBQ proteins as the social season starts to kick in or are we buying things when they aren’t on sale at the last minute?

5. Finance Metric

Yes, it’s #5, not #1. We track the credit cards on a dry erase board in the pantry / mud room and have ATM and dining budget graphs on the home page for Quicken. We were very strict about the cost of our house and the length of our vehicle loans (1 more month to go!!) so this isn’t a focus as long as we live by the first 4.

Cool Sites

The Personal Finance Scorecard: Your Annual Check

The Virginia Cooperative Extension has a super cool site to help you through all sorts of life challenges… including a CMM worthy review of your finances. How much money do you save? How big is your nest egg? How much of a percent is your housing? All the basics to get you started on the path to financial freedom.

Mayo Clinic Personal Health Scorecard

What tests, when, how often, and what to do about the results.

Fly Lady

A system to help you get in the habit of cleaning your house and organizing your life so that you will never have to wake up to a sink full of dirty dishes or live in a house that is more than a light dusting away from having company for dinner.

How do you measure your personal success? Who do you review your metrics with? What metrics would you like to work on this quarter? This year?