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Our House Becoming Our Home

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No matter where I have lived I have upgraded cabinets, installed new tile and made even a rental house my home. The transformations played out above run the range of an hour to a year, but they all have a powerful thing in common – Freecycle, clearance items, and Second Use.

I hope that the pictures and descriptions will inspire you to enjoy your current house by making it you very personal home!

Projects Completed in a Day  

Yard Transformation

We have 3 perky puppies and a wonderfully well planted yard.  Postings on several local lists, and a colleague with an unwanted kennel helped created the barriers that keep the dogs happy and the plants living.

Garage Transformation (Part 1)

The door from the garage to the kitchen was moved to the laundry room / hot water heater niche before we even moved in.  It was the first step in creating an entry DMV for groceries and coats so the perky dogs stay inside while The Carpenter can have the garage door open all day long if he chooses.

Dinner Room

Not everything has required tools.  We transformed a quilting / piano room to a cozy dining room thanks to my grandmother’s furniture (both sides) and ‘lending’ our bedroom side table lights until we hang a ceiling light.

Projects completed in a Weekend

Mobile Laundry

Project 2 prior to moving in.  The laundry hook ups traveled up the wall to the master bedroom closet.  Plumbing folks at Loewe’s and Home Depot helped us navigate the world of plastic plumbing… we have always had copper before.  This Old House had great suggestions for washer hookups that only let water flow through when the appliance is turned on.

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One of my favorite ways to keep in touch with my online network is through the microblogging tool called Twitter.  The best way to explain the value I find in this format / tool / style of communication would be to hand you a copy of my Men of Twitter 2009 Cal-Twit…. & that got me thinking…

Since the holiday tree is up at the mall this would be a great time to look back over those that have enriched my network the most …  It was really difficult to get down to just 12… and I may just slip in a couple of others that would have graced the holiday squares:


Phil Burns (Phil801)

Not a day goes by that I don’t notice if Phil hasn’t posted… or hold my breath when a tweet comes in… He is an amazing father who has faced the challenge of having 2 children with life threatening illness with tenderness and courage.  He is a great programmer who struck out on his own to drive great changes in the Web 2.0 blog relevance (TagJungle). Please check out for the latest blog posts and a chance to help this family navigate this steep road of everyone I follow there is no one that deserves warm thoughts more.


Vincent Wright (VincentWright)

In the dark and cold days of February the groups that are fostered by the careful hands of Vincent send warm thoughts and funny experiences from around the globe.  Vincent tweets about great articles, interesting snip-its from list members, and great new job resources.  He is a recruiter of diverse talent in addition to a social networking coach and cheerleader.


Mario Sundar (mariosundar)

Social networking maven for for the popular site LinkedIn during the day and great TV an movie reviewer by night.  His new product and current event tweets always have a happy spring in their step.

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Personal Delivery

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