One of my favorite ways to keep in touch with my online network is through the microblogging tool called Twitter.  The best way to explain the value I find in this format / tool / style of communication would be to hand you a copy of my Men of Twitter 2009 Cal-Twit…. & that got me thinking…

Since the holiday tree is up at the mall this would be a great time to look back over those that have enriched my network the most …  It was really difficult to get down to just 12… and I may just slip in a couple of others that would have graced the holiday squares:


Phil Burns (Phil801)

Not a day goes by that I don’t notice if Phil hasn’t posted… or hold my breath when a tweet comes in… He is an amazing father who has faced the challenge of having 2 children with life threatening illness with tenderness and courage.  He is a great programmer who struck out on his own to drive great changes in the Web 2.0 blog relevance (TagJungle). Please check out for the latest blog posts and a chance to help this family navigate this steep road of everyone I follow there is no one that deserves warm thoughts more.


Vincent Wright (VincentWright)

In the dark and cold days of February the groups that are fostered by the careful hands of Vincent send warm thoughts and funny experiences from around the globe.  Vincent tweets about great articles, interesting snip-its from list members, and great new job resources.  He is a recruiter of diverse talent in addition to a social networking coach and cheerleader.


Mario Sundar (mariosundar)

Social networking maven for for the popular site LinkedIn during the day and great TV an movie reviewer by night.  His new product and current event tweets always have a happy spring in their step.


Warren Whitlock (WarrenWhitlock)

Warren navigates the storms of the ever changing on-line ecosphere to evangelize bringing your personality to life in a professional manner… he promotes a good breakfast and clean water for all as a way to break the ice creatively and drive meaningful conversations with everyone he meets.  Lecturer, blogger, author, radio host… way more titles than I can think of… always interesting and refreshing.



Not too rabid Phillies fan that lives and works in a part of New Jersey that I used to roam which reminds me just how great it was (sometimes) not to pump my extra cheap gas.  Great comments on current events, blogs about his company on MySpace, and uses Twitpic to share cool slices of his home.


Robert Scoble (Scobleizer)

Following Robert is like a year round summer vacation.  Great techie current events, and awesome video posts.  Has a weekly show on the impact of technology on how people work, and captures interesting road trips around Silicon Alley and the world.


Terry Bean (TerryBean)

A great positive energy comes through every tweet from Terry.  He messages about the vibrant Detroit social media network and great efforts to change the referral market. Reaches out often across the Twitterverse with great questions and interesting ReTweets. I think of conversations with Terry like meeting an old friend at the ice cream social on the town square.  Great stories of how the summer is going and happy outlook toward the future.


Christopher Hoyt (TheRecruiterGuy)

Tweets on the evolution of social media and recruiting and all the great things that he has changed in his corner of the recruiting world.  And just when he sends something really thought provoking… he is off to spend time with his daughters… the ‘back to school’ shopping trip isn’t on Twitpic anymore… but trust me… his humor is not to be matched!! Also, since he is in Texas… he gives a great summer perspective :-)!


Jason Alba (JasonAlba)

Creator of JibberJobber, an online contact management system that helps me keep track of the people, companies, recruiters, and job posts I come across. His books are great references for using both Facebook and LinkedIn to your best advantage. His tweets follow his lecture circuit and family adventures.  If only every CEO was so accessible the world would be such a happier place!


Brett Nordquist (Akula)

I found Brett by searching on BrightKite for people in my town.  What a find!  His blog is very fun and I love hearing the latest adventures that he has around town with his wife and kids.  Better than following the chamber of commerce!


Andrew Badera (AndrewBadera)

An amazing programmer, gearhead, organi-phile.  I love trading farmers market finds as much as thoughts of how to find the missing wrench in the block and following Andrew reminds me of many great Devs I met during my time hanging around MIT. Wicked shaaap and wicked funny!


Dave Matthews (DaveJMatthews)

Yes, that Dave Matthews!  He tweets through his global travels and used Twitpic for interesting artwork and snapshots of far off lands. And every once in a while he sends a great nugget of thought that makes me think about my day, my family, and my life in a different way:

I follow about twice as many women as men… so I don’t know if I can pull off a list of only 12 women… but in the meantime… who do you follow that changes you world in ways you would have never imagined when joining Twitter?