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One of my favorite ways to achieve balance between work and home is to search out new and creative ways to weave together my interests across the internet… here is a new and tasty twist on blog tag…




In honor of the Pillsbury Home is Calling™ Campaign, Julie’s Journal is giving away three Pillsbury Home is Calling™ gift baskets, which consist of:  

  1. Coupon for Pillsbury refrigerated crescent rolls
  2. Magnetic coupon holder
  3. House-shaped mouse pad
  4. Pot holder
  5. Cookie sheet
  6. Bread basket
  7. Lovable Pillsbury Doughboy figurine.

It’s a noble cause too because Pillsbury is giving groceries to a food bank, a pound for every person that is sent their web commercial.

Visit for your chance to win and to also to find out who you can help those less fortunate.

half full or half empty?

Are you sure you water doesn't need you?

As a former Appalachian, former water chemist, and former water utility consultant I am very passionate about helping those that live without the luxury of clean water.

So today I am starting a blog tag about clean water… and since many organizations don’t have blogs of their own… here are 5 organizations and 5 blogs:

World Water Day

Every year in March people from around the world bring light to the problem and organizations that support the dream of clean water

Global Water Foundation

Another global organization that funds grants for water improvement projects around the globe.

If you think that everyone in the USA has clean water think again:

Living Waters for the World

Mission opportunities to help build water systems… Appalachia is listed just after El Salvador and before Haiti

I Love Mountains

Did you know that people are taking the tops off of entire mountains to get at coal… think strip mining on steroids… and that is destroying the water ecology and threatening both people and flora and fauna… go to the bottom of the page to see how you can help.

Rivers Foundation 

Helping keep rivers and waterfront habitats clean and healthy in the Americas… not directly drinking water related… but if you surf through the related sites and see just how many states have trouble with rivers and lakes you have to wonder how much longer we have before it’s ALL our water that’s contaminated / more expensive to clean / harder to find.

Here are the blogs that I have tagged based on their past support of the above organizations.

1. End Poverty Blog

2. Take Part Blog

3. Moose Poop on the Lawn  [(A Pastor with a wandering Moose :-)]

4. Global Water Foundation on MySpace

5. PDX Green

BUT Please consider yourself Tagged!

What resources do you know about that support clean water?  

How can we work together to end thirst in our lifetime?

Just because I am not aware of your passion for clean water don’t hold back!! Add a comment, write a post, and join the netweaving effort to help the fabric of resources save all our water!


New to a game of blog tag?  Here is how it works:

1. Write a post on your blog tagging 5 online resources helping promote the fight for clean water.

2. Add a comment below linking to your post 

3. Let those you tagged know that they are ‘it’ and encourage them to continue weaving our informational quilt.


(Photo is the work of and is used under Creative Commons License)

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