In going through Google Reader today I was reminded by the Nerd Guru that today is filled with all sorts of perspectives.

Given the big day tomorrow, I thought it fitting to start off November with my favorite Obama quote, which comes from the introduction section in The Audacity of Hope:

“No one is immune to the call to find common ground.”

I like this quote because epitomizes the idea that you should appreciate the perspectives of others, something I’ve written about before

I have always looked at election day as 2 events:

  • A chance to make my mark on the same ream of paper that started in 1789.
  • A chance to ensure that women will continue to have the right to vote.

I don’t think of myself as a feminist, but my Grandmother Parker never missed a chance to tell me that she served 50 years for the Red Cross, but could not live long enough to get a 50 yr Republican pin. Every primary, special, and general election she would remind me that participation was not optional.

This shaped my view of this country as much as her stories of the depression, blackouts in Baltimore during WWII, and living in South Carolina with 3 small children and no accent.

How do you look at election day in your country? State? City?  How has it changed your views of how we work together and what we fear in each other?