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How many people did you have breakfast with today?

How many people did you have breakfast with today?

I watched 50, helped make suggestions to 12, and followed 1500+ all in the space of 7 hours.  How?  Through several tools used in conjunction with Twitter.

I follow the amazingly perky and visual Andrea B (cyberetto) and enjoy following her Flickr photographs through her Daily Lifestream Digest.

Last night Andrea posted the most amazing photo of Coffee & Croissants and it got me thinking… what is everyone else having for breakfast around the Twiterverse (the collection of people who use Twitter around the world).

I attached the Tag “globalbreakfast” to the photo and proceeded to search out others sharing the same meal in different ways around the globe in 2 ways:

TweetDeck Search and Cloud used together.

TweetDeck Search and Cloud used together.

Twitpic Public Timeline – you can refresh the page and ‘watch’ the new photos as they are posted.  This is not for the meek… somewhere someone in the world is A. Drunk, B. Partially Naked, C. Proud of Something Gross… but it can make for good people watching.

Tweetdeck / Twitscoop Integration – The multi-tasker’s paradise becomes super flexible when you toss a seach next to the cloud!  I didn’t think to grab a pic when I was spreading the love but it did generate a peak of 20 tweets at a time :-)!

I cluttered up the stream by using the #globalbreakfast tag when asking people to join in… but once I got enough pictures I started sending a link to the GlobalBreakfast tag page on Twitpic instead.


I reached out and I met people. Tweet that you don’t know what you want for breakfast? You would have gotten a Tweet from me suggesting you look at the collection of pictures for ideas… started a bunch of great conversations!

I made Andrea smile and we shared a group forming experience few get to see… by using her picture as a calling card (take a picture of your #globalbreakfast and join and others around the world) she got 1000+ views in an hour!

I had a chance to start the conversation about starting the day with a hearty breakfast and continue the conversation about Clean Drinking Water (CDW) for all.

I don’t intend to do this every day… but Friday night / Saturday morning seems ripe for the picking… I have started to research global / national efforts to ensure a healthy breakfast for all.

Did you know that Feed the Children in the UK is having a Eat A Breakfast Save A Life Day 2009 the week of 23 February 2009? Right now that seems like the front runner for my message next week… but I’m open to suggestions / enhancements / debate :-)!

This week a family took their children out, someone ate at Azeteca, and a father prepared breakfast for the family all in the time it took for my husband and I to order (picture on the right) and be served (picture on the left) our hearty breakfast… who will be eating with us next week… and more importantly…

How do we bring the conversation of a good breakfast and clean drinking water to the GlobalBreakfast table?

****July 20009 Update

Twitpic has disabled the ability to tag photos.  I have not found another service that will provide the same collage / sharing feature yet.


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