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Not just Traffic Problems but Happy Tweets Too !!

Not just Traffic Problems but Happy Tweets Too !!

There are all sorts of tweets flying about the interwebs these days… some move people to social change… others connect friends and family… I have found the business, government and even television tweets to be some of the best follows of all.

Travel and Traffic

Washington State DOT (WSDOT)
WSDOT Seattle area traffic (wsdot_traffic)
WSDOT mountain pass (wsdot_passes)

One of my favorite columns in Tweetdeck is reserved for the ‘adventures’ of both the construction crews and safety crews of our state Department of Transportation.  No longer are they the “people of the orange cone” causing traffic backups for endless construction without mission or end.  With the companion web site these follows provide great short and long term information about new projects, inspections, and ongoing maintenance.  They are also frequent Flickr posters and have given me a whole new appreciation for the tireless efforts to keep the passes open welllllll past spring.

Recipes, Specials, and More

Recipes, Specials, and More

Grocers and Food Products

PCC Natural Market (PCC)
DRY Soda (DRYSoda)
Fred Meyer Stores (Fred_Meyer)
Tillamook Cheese (TillamookCheese)

I have found several grocers and many many food products to follow on Twitter… I love the DRY soda brand and love hearing about new locations where this well crafted beverage can be found.  Need a new cheesy thought? Following Tillamook brings a great variety of easy, fast options while PCC many not have as cheesy a recipe offering they are WAY more interactive.  Several times I have not heard of an ingredient in a recipe they post and the helpful staffer tweets back information on which store might have it or if it is vegetable or mineral.

Fred Meyer is a prolific mass market store, but they are very forward acting on recalls… not only do they tweet links to thier web page updates during the large recalls, but print messages on the bottom of register tapes of loyalty card members who have purchased recalled items, and during the nut recall last year even made outbound IVR calls!

Where is that rolling party today?

Where is that rolling party today?

Restaurants of all Sizes

Marination Mobile (curb_cuisine)
Church’s Chicken (ChurchsChicken)
Seattle Yelp (YelpSeattle)

From THE mobile Hawaiian Korean truck that rolls through the Seattle streets, to the fried chicken of my youth there are amazing restaurants posting daily specials, coupon offers, and event pictures.  I used to follow about 20 different places and then simplified it all by following Seattle’s Yelp Ambassador, Katie S, and her adventures around the area.  I’ve yelped my way to elite status this year and met all sorts of new tweeple at some great events! (but that is a different Netweaving post!)

Twitter is a great way to check out future road trip stops!

Twitter is a great way to check out future road trip stops!


Trophy Cupcake (trophycupcakes)
The Yellow Leaf Cupcake (TheYellowLeaf)
Cupcake Bakery & Deli (cupcakedeli)

Yes they are all the rage… but they are also a $3 investment in the unknown.  We love to checkout the amazing rainbow of flavors and styles everywhere we go (Cupcake Country).  Some of my favorite cupcakeries on Twitter are the wedding / catering / partying powerhouse Trophy (with retail locations in Wallingford and University Place Mall) and the up and coming new shop over on 4th Avenue, The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Company.

Where Trophy has kids party toppers, The Yellow Leaf has french press coffee and amazing loose tea combinations.  Both have solid cupcake flavors with The Yellow Leaf being a bit more spontaneous… at least it seams that every day they tweet a new flavor!

The Cupcake Bakery & Deli in Eastern Washington is on our “To Try” list.  It’s just a couple of months old and we can’t wait to make the yearly wine press raod trip in the fall so that we can give them a try.

I hope you are inspired to find the twitter treasures in your area to help you find great shopping, great eats, and a safe trip!


There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a weekend… let alone a weeknight for a home cooked meal. Since moving to Seattle two years ago I have found some wonderful businesses where you can either assemble entrees and side dishes yourself… or have them do the work for you!

For 2 hours and ~ $200 your freezer will be stocked and your weeknights will be tasty.

For 2 hours and ~ $200 your freezer will be stocked and your weeknights will be tasty.

For about $200 a session (less seafood or less steak less $$$) and 2 hours of your time it’s a great way to have ~36 portions ready and waiting… just pop a bag in the fridge in the morning and in less than a half hour at night dinner is ready.

 Menus change every month and some companies now offer organic sessions… a couple are even organic all the time! 

Here is a list of some of the places that we rotate through on a regular basis in no particluar order:

Month of Meals Inc (

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Personal Delivery

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